Friday, August 24, 2012

M.A.C Studio Sculpt Spf 15 Foundation (REVIEW)


Its been so long since I made another post! So sorry! I'm really trying:)

Today I am going to do a short review on the M.A.C studio sculpt foundation.

I recently purchased this M.A.C foundation , and I absolutely adore it!
This foundation is unlike any other I have tried!
It is super creamy (which feels amazing on my face after I apply it), and it is gel-based which provides excellent coverage and leaves your face with a smooth and glowing finish:) SCORE!
Usually I am picky when it comes to foundations because so many beauty products make my face look cakey, but the M.A.C studio sculpt is perfect! It makes my face look flawless!
It hydrates and revitalizes the skin while being long-wearing and water resistant! What more can you ask for?!

If you are ever in need of foundation, I strongly suggest buying this one at any M.A.C counter/store, it is totally worth it(only $30.00)!

Hope you enjoyed reading this short post!
Have an amazing weekend!

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Recent Purchases/Gifts

Welcome back beauties! Hope everyone is doing well!
Today I will show you all my recent purchases I have made and gifts I have received(: Hope you enjoy!






#1: Marc By Marc Jacobs Watch~~I LOVE IT<3

#2: Bright yellow shorts~~perfect for summer!

#3: Sweater for the fall~~gotta love forever 21(;

#4: Diane Von Furstenberg Boarding Bag~~GORGEOUS

#5: A wonderful gift from my sister~~GUCCI BAG :)



Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

100 Followers Already!!!

Hello Beauties!!!! So sorry I haven't blogged in a while, I was on a weekend get-away at one of my favorite nearby places-Wisconsin Dells! It was so great, and there was just so much stuff to do! So many waterparks/rollercoasters/etc. I had a great time, enjoying it with my family.

But today I just wanted to do a quick post saying how happy and thankful I am to all you beauties! I am so thrilled I already have 100 followers! I never expected to even reach 20! :P
You all are such dolls, I really appreciate all your fabulous comments-I read each and every one, so don't be shy and write a comment! ((:

Once again, THANK YOU SO(X139892189381983109238) MUCH FOR FOLLOWING ME AND LEAVING SUCH WONDERFUL COMMENTS((: I really truly appreciate you all(:

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Monday, July 23, 2012

What's in your purse?

 Hello Beauties!!! Hopefully your weekend was fantastic! ((:
Today I really wanted to do a post on what I carry around in my purses. I got this idea from my amazing friend, Yvette ! (CHECK OUT HER FAB BLOG

My favorite bags
Prada Crossbody

Coach Crossbody

Juicy Couture Handbag
I love this purse so much<3

Now what do I keep inside these purses?

1. Kenneth Cole Reaction Wallet, CHAH-CHING$$
2. Gum (I wouldn't survive without it)
3. Armani Exchange Sunglasses 
4. Juicy Couture keychain, Bath & Body Works hand sanitzer(eucalyptus mint), and headphones
5. Wide assortment of makeup<3

Well dolls that's about it! 
Hope you've enjoyed looking at my amateur photography skills:P 
But seriously, please, don't be shy and leave a comment!
I read each and every one of them(:
What do you carry around with you all day?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Burberry Autumn/Winter 2012 Accessories Collection((:

Hello Beauties! How is everyone? Hopefully fabulous! :)
Today I'm going to show you all the new Burberry Collection! 

The Burberry Autumn/Winter 2012 Accessories Collection
The Orchard In Suede
Framed Crossbody Bag, Abstract Check Square Scarf, and Cat-Eye Tortoiseshell Sunglasses
Fox Detail Bangle, Metal Fox/Owl Ring
Cases, Wallets
Travel Accessories
Studded Handle Stripped Walking Umbrella

These are just a few of my favorites of the new Burberry collection! 
I hope you beauties enjoyed looking through these images!
Let me know your opinions on these items!
What were your faves?
 I love hearing from all of you dolls<3

Saturday, July 14, 2012

5 Beauty Products I Will Never Stop Using

Hello Beauties!
Hope everyone is doing well! Today I've decided to talk about the 5 most important products that I really enjoy using and will never stop(:

#1: Moroccan Oil Treatment

This product really saves my hair. It creates a stunning shine for all hair types, eliminates frizz, and protects from damage.
I bought it at my local Sally's beauty supply shop. 

#2: Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

Beauties, this is one of my absolute favorite makeup removers! It takes off ALL your makeup, including the waterproof, without leaving an oily residue, YES! 
You can purchase this product at any local drug store.

#3: Laura Mercier Bronzer (Dune Bronze) 

Ah, yes... another AMAZING Laura Mercier bronzer.
I literally LOVE this. 
This color is matte, and very natural-looking. It blends beautifully. 
You can purchase this in any Sephora or department store. 

#4: Trish McEvoy Eyeshadow 

This double shadow is literally what I use almost everyday. 
I love the amazing mocha color, it really defines my eyes, and the light cream color really tops it all off.
Unfortunately, I do not know the names of these two colors above, but they were purchased at Saks. 


^Customized Palette 

M•A•C is my absolute favorite brand for makeup. I just LOVE it, enough said(;

Well beauties that is my list of the 5 Beauty Products I will never stop using, I hope you've enjoyed reading this and will possibly try some of these products! 
Have a fabulous rest of the weekend! 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Maybelline Volum' Express The Mega Plush Mascara (REVIEW)


              Hello Beauties!!! How is everyone doing? I hope amazing(:
Today I am going to be doing a review on Maybelline's first ever gel-mousse mascara!
I recently purchased this product at my local Walgreens to try out it, because there has been so much fuss going on about yet ANOTHER maybelline new mascara. When it comes to new mascaras, Maybelline is always there! 
Well to be honest, there is nothing so amazing about it.
It does not really give my eyelashes that amazing, glowing volume that every doll wants. 
However, it is not entirely terrible.
After applying this mascara to my eyelashes, it felt as though I wasn't wearing any mascara. This new gel formula does NOT leave a hard-waxy feeling on your lashes, it actually feels pretty smooth! 
Overall, I think my favorite thing about this mascara is the glossy look that it gives to my lashes.

So for all you beauties out there, I would recommend you trying out this new product.

And for those dolls who already have this product, I would love to hear your opinion on this(: